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zz Let me tell you a funny joke

The community is a new plate, but it is very large, with 4,500 households and a total population of tens of thousands. Unfortunately, there is only one bus route, 495, and the bus is still an old model with a total of 31 seats, which cannot accommodate many people. Therefore, the queue for waiting for the bus during commuting time is always more than one hundred meters long, which is called a sea of people. If you can successfully get on the bus from the starting point at 7 o'clock in the morning, it is already fortunate. If you can occupy a seat, then you can consider buying a lottery ticket to try your luck. Most of the time, people have to stand in the crowd, which is why the following story happened.

One day, the bus was extremely crowded, it was difficult to get on, and it was difficult to get off. There was a certain gentleman who wanted to get off, but unfortunately, a couple from out of town blocked the door. The gentleman who wanted to get off squeezed hard and finally squeezed behind the couple. Unfortunately, the driver suddenly braked, and accidentally stepped on the husband's body. The husband didn't say anything, but the wife shouted loudly, "What are you doing, are you crazy?" The gentleman knew he was at fault and didn't say anything, he just waited for the bus to arrive quickly. Unexpectedly, the woman didn't stop, she kept shouting "Are you crazy? Are you crazy? Are you crazy?" The gentleman endured it, endured it, and just before getting off the bus, he turned his head and suddenly said

-------------------------------"You're a parrot!!"

Everyone on the bus burst into laughter.

This story is not over yet. This couple is still at the door of the bus. After being called a parrot by the gentleman, the woman fell silent, but several students in the bus were inspired. One of them said, "Are you crazy? Are you crazy? Are you crazy?" Another echoed, "You're a parrot!" The whole bus still burst into laughter.

As the bus moved forward, there were still other people who wanted to get off. Another woman squeezed to the door and timidly said to the woman, "I'm sorry, I want to get off, I'm not crazy."

The woman didn't say anything, but a muffled voice could be heard from the bus, vaguely discernible
-------------------------"Do you still have power?"
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