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zz Ten things you must do before the age of 35 if you want to succeed

Ten Things You Must Do Before the Age of 35 If You Want to Succeed

If you want to succeed, there are ten things you must do before the age of 35.
If you want to succeed, there are ten things you must do before the age of 35.

35 is the later stage of youth.

After 35 is the season of harvest.

If you are not qualified to say this, you will hate yourself.

So before the age of 35,

In the romantic and vibrant youth,

You better do the following ten things well!

First, learn all the knowledge needed in your industry and develop it. The late parts king Brudan became the leader of the parts industry and formed the Gulf and Western Industries with an annual income of tens of millions of dollars when he was 35. Everyone may have stayed up all night and studied hard when they were young, which is not a problem at the age of 20 or 30, but at the age of 35, you should not worry about learning basic skills anymore. Before the age of 35 is a stage of primitive accumulation, and after the age of 35, you should start to flourish.

Second, develop your personal style. Before the age of 35, find out what you like, whether it's clothing or hobbies, even unique habits. At the age of 20 or 30, you can constantly try and change, but at the age of 35, you should establish your personal style clearly. If you like wearing suits? Great! Treat suits as your trademark! Does putting flowers on your desk make you work more efficiently? Then put flowers on it every day!

Third, have a peaceful and stable emotional life. When climbing the peak of your career, if your personal life is unhappy and you are in a relationship crisis, it will greatly interfere with you and even gradually make you lose interest in other things. Those who have a peaceful and stable personal life before the age of 35 generally have a greater chance of success than those who have a turbulent and restless life. Therefore, if you want to end a relationship without results, or if you want to marry your girlfriend, take action quickly, so as not to drag the problem into the 35th spring and autumn of your life. After the age of 35, you should focus on seeing the return on your investment in your career.

Fourth, understand your weaknesses. Admit that there are things you really can't do or don't want to do. If you hate numbers and love creativity, don't force yourself to do numerical work because of high pay or compliance with others' expectations. Before the age of 35, you must devote yourself to the work you love and are good at. Otherwise, there will inevitably be a period of unhappiness after the age of 35. Moreover, true success may be lost due to the decline of vitality.

Fifth, know your strengths. You should know what you are good at and clearly understand what you like to do and do better than others. No matter what role you currently play, knowing your strengths is important for success.

Sixth, save money to resign and seek a new path. In this ever-changing professional world, you may not always work in one place or fully exert yourself in one position. When you feel unable to perform, you are likely to consider resigning or starting a second career. If you have saved enough money in advance, you will have a secure backing.

World Manager Community ( Seventh, build a network of interpersonal relationships. If you have not established a solid network of interpersonal relationships by the age of 35, you will be in trouble. This network includes your friends, relatives, and at least all the people who can help each other. Some of these people are your colleagues, some have been benefited by you, some you have listened to their problems, and some share the same hobbies with you. The network of interpersonal relationships cannot be established overnight. It takes several years or even more than ten years to cultivate. The success of a person in career and life is actually like the success of a political party. You need to have many people spread out in the right places, and you can rely on them and they can rely on you.

Eighth, learn to delegate. Many people are unwilling or unable to do so, so they are always stuck in subordinate positions. Delegating to others is half of success. A person who does not delegate work to others in every detail is destined to encounter great obstacles. By the age of 35, you should be an expert in this area. In other words, you know how to choose the right people and trust them.

Ninth, learn when to keep silent. People who ruin their future because of careless speech are more numerous than those who lose success for any other reason. Learn to keep silent and appear clever - others naturally think you know more than you actually do. Don't gossip about others, don't talk about your own plans, and the reputation you win by keeping your mouth shut is far more precious than what gossip brings. The more successful you are in your career, the more important this is.

Tenth, be loyal to others. If you have not established a solid and reliable reputation by the age of 35, this flaw will haunt you for life. The reputation of disloyalty will inevitably make you unpopular in your career. You cannot climb to the top of your career by hurting others with hidden arrows, but you have to rely on the sincere, upright, and unwavering reputation you have established early on. Before the age of 35, loyalty is just an investment; after the age of 35, you will receive loyalty in return as a trustworthy person.

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