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zz 人到四十 Translation: zz person reaches forty

title: zz At Forty
date: 2009-02-18 02:58:00

At forty, one should have a warm family, which is your harbor where you can refuel and recharge.
At forty, one should have their own house, providing stability to the family.
At forty, one should become an expert in a certain field, as a means of making a living.
At forty, one should shift their caring gaze from their children to their parents. While the children grow up day by day, the parents become more like children.
At forty, one should give up certain bad habits and focus on their health and reputation. The carefree and unrestrained behavior of youth should be left behind.
At forty, one should have a circle of friends, not necessarily many, but even if you haven't seen each other for three years, you still feel close when you are together.
At forty, one should have an independent personality, principles, and way of dealing with the world. This means no longer being swayed by external circumstances, but having a constant set of principles for how to live and work.
At forty, one should have some extra money for emergencies.

  1. At forty, or around forty, one is not too young or too old, still quite young, and is the backbone of the company.
    However, for white-collar workers, it can be quite anxious. Because in foreign or private companies, this age is awkward.
  2. Networking should have been prepared five years ago, but it can still be prepared now.
  3. Attitude is very important.
  4. Lifelong learning. Learning is broad: reading books/reading professional books/learning from seniors/learning from younger people/learning from superiors/learning from peers/learning from subordinates/humbly seeking advice...
  5. Apply what you have learned, think systematically, and avoid using a single method.
  6. Solid basic skills are necessary, and intermediate and advanced skills also need to be understood by oneself.
  7. Be kind and easygoing. On the basis of adhering to principles, do not forget flexibility.
  8. Lift each other up. ---- It is best to lift up capable people, and it is best not to provoke small-minded people. Unless you have wings, do not provoke flight attendants, otherwise they may throw you off the plane. Crows can fly, but you might fall to your death.
  9. Simplicity is true.
  10. Identity anxiety is normal.
    Confusion is normal; anxiety is also normal. It is not scary to be forty; it is not scary to be confused.
    What is scary is when you have the heart of a middle-aged person, or even the mentality of an elderly person.
    Therefore, attitude is very important.
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