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How to start breastfeeding for new mothers

Lack of awareness about breast care and the correct knowledge of starting breastfeeding, new mothers may not be able to provide precious breast milk to their babies. This article helps new mothers overcome the confusion of insufficient milk, low milk supply, breast engorgement, breast pain, and blocked milk ducts.

What exactly does "starting breastfeeding" mean? "Starting breastfeeding" is not the same as "stimulating lactation." It has a unique definition. The so-called "starting breastfeeding" in folk terms refers to postpartum lactation, allowing newborn babies to consume breast milk; while "stimulating lactation" means using various appropriate methods to increase breast milk production and ensure that the baby is well-fed.
How to ensure that breastfeeding starts in a timely manner and that milk secretion is guaranteed is a matter of great concern for families who have just given birth to a baby. By "cooperating and deducing" various good habits in life, the prelude to starting breastfeeding can be successfully played. Generally speaking, methods such as food, Chinese medicine, hot compress, massage, and infant sucking can all have a certain effect on promoting breast milk secretion. It involves several key points for promoting normal breast milk secretion.

Key Point 1: Infant Sucking

1. Sucking stimulation helps milk secretion
After delivery, the hormone levels in the mother's body change, which can stimulate the breasts to produce milk. Once the newborn baby sucks on the nipple, it stimulates the nerve endings of the nipple, which then transmit to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, triggering the milk ejection reflex. At this time, milk secretion can only be achieved through the stimulation of the baby's sucking.
Therefore, it is recommended to hold the baby to the mother's chest shortly after delivery (within half an hour) to let the baby suck on the mother's nipple. Because this plays a significant role in the success of breastfeeding; in addition, on-demand feeding is also very important. Frequent and multiple feedings can promote early breast milk secretion. This is the key to promoting breast milk secretion.

Since allowing the baby to suck on the nipple as early as possible helps to start breastfeeding, even if there is no milk, the baby should be encouraged to suck more. Therefore, in order to ensure the baby's health, the mother should massage the breasts and clean the nipples before the baby sucks. This is very important and obviously has a good effect on milk secretion.
In addition, during the breastfeeding period, the mother's mood should be pleasant, sleep should be sufficient, nutrition should be balanced, and confidence in breastfeeding should be maintained. The baby should sleep in the same room as the mother, so that the baby's crying can also stimulate milk secretion.

Key Point 2: Creative Diet Therapy

2. Diet therapy for starting breastfeeding: Master the timing principle
There are many foods in folk culture that can promote breast milk secretion, such as carp, pig trotters, fermented rice with eggs, soybeans, red dates, etc. Nutrition during the lactation period is very important, and it is necessary to ensure high-calorie, high-protein foods, sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water.
It is particularly important to note that when using diet therapy to start breastfeeding, it is necessary to set clear time boundaries. In the first few days after delivery, due to the fatigue during delivery, the digestive function has not fully recovered, so oily foods should be avoided. It is recommended to switch to high-nutrient foods after 3 days, and consume a certain amount of milk, rice, meat, vegetables, and fruits every day.

In addition, if breast engorgement is experienced during breastfeeding, the first method to be taken is to let the baby suck more. If the baby cannot finish feeding, a breast pump should be used to empty the breasts, otherwise it may cause mastitis and a decrease in milk production. Of course, some Chinese herbs such as common club moss, climbing boneset, Chinese knotweed, and pangolin are also very effective, and other methods such as hot compress and massage can also have a certain effect.

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