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Five Tips for New Moms to Increase Milk Supply After Childbirth

Five Tips for New Mothers to Start Breastfeeding
  Breast milk is the best gift a mother can give to her baby. Breastfeeding not only enhances the baby's immunity, but also strengthens the parent-child relationship. To avoid the pain of insufficient milk supply, breast engorgement, breast pain, and blocked milk ducts, it is important to master breast care knowledge and the correct method of starting breastfeeding. Below, we summarize some valuable experiences and tips from other mothers.

  1. Build confidence in breastfeeding

  Yunping is a "princess of peace" who has no confidence in breastfeeding. Although Jieer is plump, she also worries that her breasts are not useful enough. Many new mothers do not believe that they can feed their babies solely with their own breast milk. In fact, regardless of the shape or size of the breasts, enough milk can be produced. It is important to build confidence in breastfeeding.

  2. Suck early and frequently

  Seeing Lele's rosy face and peaceful sleep just after a vaginal delivery, mommy really doesn't want to disturb him. However, the doctor said that the baby's sucking reflex is usually strongest within the first hour after birth, so it is recommended to start breastfeeding within half an hour after delivery, even if there is no milk. Another mommy, Wenjuan, said that after a cesarean section, both she and the baby were drowsy due to anesthesia and had no interest in breastfeeding. The doctor supported her and helped her position the nipple in the baby's mouth. When she saw the little one wake up and suck vigorously, her motherly love emerged, and later on, she produced more and more milk.
  3. Keep milk ducts clear, empty them regularly, and prevent breast engorgement

  Mingming's mom said that when she started breastfeeding, her milk ducts were not clear yet, but the milk still came down. Her breasts became as hard as a lump of stone, and it was so painful that she screamed. Later, with the help of a professional masseur, her milk ducts were cleared. Her baby had a strong sucking force, but still couldn't finish all the milk, so there were always lumps in her breasts. She used a breast pump to extract some milk and applied hot compresses to get through those difficult days. After giving birth, it is important not to immediately consume nourishing soups and drinks. It is best to wait until the milk ducts are clear before slowly consuming fish soup and pork rib soup.

 4. Room-in with the baby and breastfeed on demand

  Cuicui's mom said that when Cuicui was just born, she was exhausted and wanted to relax and sleep, but Cuicui would cry loudly and need to be fed every 2 hours. She really wanted to feed her formula milk so that she could completely relax. The doctor said that now mothers and babies should room-in together and breastfeed on demand. Whenever the baby wants to eat, feed them. Fortunately, Cuicui's dad and grandma supported her in breastfeeding, tried to let her rest more, and kept her in a happy mood so that she could produce enough milk for Cuicui.

5. Avoid nipple injuries

  For new mothers who have just started breastfeeding, with a small amount of milk and delicate nipples, it is easy for the "greedy" baby to suck and damage the nipples. To avoid nipple injuries, the baby should latch onto the areola and suck, rather than just the nipple. Control the duration of sucking on each side. If the nipples are injured, cracked, or bleeding, the milk can be expressed or extracted with a breast pump. Nipple protectors (breast shields) can also be used to feed the baby.

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