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Xuanxuan is almost two years old.

Time flies, Xuanxuan is almost two years old.
During this time, I haven't carefully recorded every day of her growth.
But there have been significant changes every day.
Now she can run to the toilet and go pee and poop.
It's funny that she likes to ask "why".
For example, "Why is the rabbit crying?", "Daddy, what are you doing?",
She can be well-behaved when she wants to be.
But when she's not, she can be annoying and troublesome.
Especially when it comes to eating, she doesn't eat much.
She likes snacks.
Sometimes she can be well-behaved when I'm at work.
When I say goodbye to her, she says goodbye too.
Sometimes she wants to be carried and go with you.
But as long as you give her a few raisins or other snacks,
she will behave and not make a fuss.
Next, I need to strengthen her education.
Take her out to play almost every week.
Parks, science museums...
Let her have more contact with nature and some human culture.
The most important thing is to give her a happy childhood.
A happy family.
This is what I can give her.

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