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Installation process of Reddit CMS

Installation Process for Reddit CMS
First, refer to, which is the main steps,
but many things need to be done by yourself.
In Ubuntu, refer to curl | sudo sh ubuntu 10.04
There is a fully automated script.

1 Install Python. During compilation, there are several modules that cannot be compiled, causing errors when running paster later,
such as the _SSL and readline modules. Use Google to find the official homepage of these modules, download the source code,
tar -xvf download--xxx.tar.gz
Enter the extracted directory and run:
./make install
This is generally how to install and compile programs in Linux.
For SSL modifications, see:
2 Install necessary things. In Ubuntu Linux, you can use
apt-get install XXX
to get it done. In CentOS, use
yum install XXX

However, yum cannot find these modules, so you can only download the source code from the official homepage and compile it yourself.
To find some uncommon libraries, you need to add additional package repositories for yum to search.
Refer to:

3 In the installation steps, sudo python develop may encounter errors,
and it may be due to version conflicts in some scripts, and some downloads may not be available, requiring manual downloads.
Sometimes this script installs a newer version, so you need to downgrade the version.

easy_install "webhelpers==0.6.4"
easy_install "lxml==2.2.5"
yum install openssl openssl-devel
In the reddit/r2/ script,
change easy_install([""])
to your own uploaded file accessible address, otherwise an error will occur.
wget requires --no-check-certificate to download.
4 memcached
After installation, it cannot be accessed through localhost, only through the bound public address,
which is strange, so the IP in the reddit configuration file example.ini needs to be replaced.
5 Cassandra
During installation, save the XML as storage-conf.xml and copy it to the conf directory of Cassandra,
then follow the instructions in the readme file to complete the installation.

6 Finally, run paster serve --reload example.ini http_port=8080
and you can see the results in the browser, but the parameters need to be adjusted to make reddit run normally.

You can refer to the following links:

To summarize this installation, it took 3 days and I also learned many commands in Linux. Here is a summary of the commands used,
so I won't forget them next time.#

1 ls / -al -- list all files
2 ln -s /xx/a //xxx/b -- link files
3 rm -rf a -- delete directory, including files
4 aa > t.txt -- redirect all stdout and stderr to a file
5 ./configure make make install -- compile program
6 su -u username -- switch to another user
7 find / -name "XX" | grep -- find file names and filter output
8 export PATH=$PATH:/XXX/XXX -- add command execution path
9 ftp / bin / send a.txt b.txt /get a.txt b.txt -- upload and download files on FTP
10 wget -- download file
11 ps -A | grep xxx -- display processes
12 kill -9 xxxx -- force kill process
13 netstat -an | grep LISTEN -- port listening

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