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zz Metamorphosis - Distributed Message Middleware - Open Source China

Metamorphosis is a high-performance, highly available, and scalable distributed message middleware, similar to LinkedIn's Kafka. It has features such as sequential message storage, high throughput, and support for local and XA transactions. It is suitable for scenarios with high throughput, sequential messages, broadcasting, and log data transmission. It is widely used in Taobao and Alipay and is now open source.

Overall structure:


Internal structure:


Main features:

Producers, servers, and consumers can all be distributed

Sequential message storage

Extremely high performance, large throughput

Supports message ordering

Supports local and XA transactions

Client pull, random read, utilizing the sendfile system call, zero-copy, batch data pulling

Supports consumer-side transactions

Supports message broadcasting mode

Supports asynchronous message sending

Supports HTTP protocol

Supports message retry and recovery

Data migration and capacity expansion are transparent to users

Consumer state is saved on the client

Supports synchronous and asynchronous replication

Supports group commit


Through Metamorphosis - Distributed Message Middleware - Open Source China.

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