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kinect technology will change the game mode in a few years

Seeing the Kinect technology and learning about it, I think it is definitely a revolutionary change for game development.

This is a completely different operating mode, a completely different experience.

Combined with various smartphones, tablets, and operating system platforms, it will generate many innovative technologies.

You can imagine:

  1. There is a game that can be played on a TV, controlled through Kinect, and also remotely operated through iPhone, Android phones, running on Mac OS or Windows.

The ideal state is that hardware developers develop independent Kinects that can be wirelessly connected.

All platforms, such as Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, etc., can call the data recognized by Kinect wirelessly and play various games on the local or wirelessly transmit them to the big screen.

Existing games can solve the problem of insufficient gameplay by adding Kinect recognition and making corresponding adjustments.


  1. Currently, there are also many innovations that can be done, such as entertainment, education, learning, and many blank areas waiting to be developed.


A few days ago, I attended the CSDN Global Software Marketing Conference and saw a cool device developed by Google. It is a central-like hardware that can wirelessly or via Bluetooth perform NFC (Near Field Communication) transmission. Jiang Tao from CSDN gave an interactive example combining toys and voice. In the future, toys will have more intelligence and interaction.

Soft is eating the world!

Software is gradually taking over the world, and most things will be software-based or a combination of software and hardware.

The trend of digitizing books is becoming more and more apparent, and music and movies are becoming digital as well.

With the development of interactive technology, more and more innovations will emerge.

The scenario I envision may happen in a few years:

  1. There is a device at home, a mobile device, and all household appliances can be connected together. The screen of the mobile device can be wirelessly transmitted to the TV's big screen. Games on the mobile device can be played on the TV, completely liberated with the help of Kinect-like technology, and can exercise while playing games.

  2. The maturity of 3D virtual technology, wearing 3D glasses, can completely eliminate the need for display devices, displaying on the 3D glasses itself or on the TV's big screen. Combined with Kinect technology, it's like roaming in a real 3D world. You can run and play games together with friends in the virtual 3D world. If current CS games have feedback clothing, AK pistols, and other devices that can provide feedback information to the system, then this game will definitely be very attractive. Perhaps one day in the future, there will be an experience center that can utilize this state-of-the-art 3D motion sensing technology to seamlessly integrate virtual 3D time.



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