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Command Memo on Mac

Title: Command Memo for Mac
Date: 2012-05-19 23:31:39

Concise Vim Leveling Strategy |

Force yourself to use terminal for programming, must be proficient in commands and vim.

Use (public code repository for free) and (private code repository for free) to keep the development code synchronized on different machines.

Also familiarized myself with git commands, no problem with basic operations, it becomes clear with the help of the following image.

Still need to level up in vim, currently only at level two, will continue to progress slowly.

Recently, I have also been exposed to nodejs + express +, and I think it is a good solution for developing a chat program or an online multiplayer game. JavaScript is becoming more powerful, combined with phonegap, it can also be used to develop mobile apps. With the combination of nodejs, both the client and server sides can be handled easily.

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