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smartfoxserver 2x Study Notes 1

To develop multiplayer online games or chat rooms, smartfoxserver is a good tool for taking notes.

The community version allows for 100 concurrent connections, additional connections require payment.

The official website provides comprehensive APIs and examples. Here, I will record some things I have learned that are not mentioned by the official documentation.

1 smartfox server uses Jetty as the internal server and allows for writing extensions in Java and Python.

Of course, you can also write Servlets. Currently, there are only examples for Python, which can be dynamically compiled and executed.

Installation is very simple. In Linux, download and unzip the package, then go to the SFS2X/ directory and run it as a service or in a command window.

In the config directory, there is a configuration file called server.xml. Modify the external IP address binding in order to access it from outside.

In jetty/jetty.xml, you can configure the server port for the management interface.

2 sfsclient.send(LoginRequest("username", "pass", "zone", ISFSObject)

It is best to include your own client information as the last parameter.

Before sending a login request from the client, do not send an ExtensionRequest.

3 sfs client supports Android, Flash, iOS, and Unity.




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