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zz Howard's Startup Game @meditic » Demotion Theory

title: zz Howard's Startup Game @meditic » Degrading Theory
date: 2012-10-23 16:05:39

Howard's Startup Game @meditic » Degrading Theory.


In fact, this dirty land is the best opportunity given by heaven to IT youth.

In a village where no one practices martial arts, as long as you can throw a few punches, you are the most skilled martial artist; in a land without service consciousness, ignoring product quality, as long as you provide dedicated service and demand the highest standards from yourself, you will become the most outstanding merchant in this land; in a rough society without modern management consciousness, without understanding the internet, microblogs, user experience, and word-of-mouth communication, you only need to bring 10% of the thoughts you put into IT products and you can easily defeat all opponents in this country.


IT youth, when you are struggling with website conversion rates, when you are tossing and turning over app activity, when you are desperately seeking referrals for financing plans from various industry leaders, perhaps you have made a mistake, perhaps the most shining part of your brain is not to become cannon fodder in the pitiful IT industry, but to enter the massage industry, catering industry, barbecue industry, breakfast industry, hairdressing industry, flower delivery industry, textile industry, decoration industry, wedding and funeral industry, adult products industry, modern farming industry, organic fruits and vegetables industry, personal care industry, car repair industry... Compared to the IT industry, these industries are indeed extremely low-level, their bosses can't even pronounce "QQ" correctly, and their employees have never used email in their entire lives; if you try to explain to them what SEO is, what user experience is, what data mining is, they will shoot themselves before you finish speaking. It is precisely because of this that these industries are so vulnerable. It is precisely because of this that when an IT youth with an IQ of 147 is desperately working for a 3k salary, and a barbecue shop owner with an IQ of less than 50 is sitting in a Porsche playing with the app developed by the former, I can't help but look up at the stars.

These primitive and pure industries are waiting for the downgrade of IT elites, like dandelion paratroopers, descending from the sky in the dark, advancing straight ahead, using the most intelligent products and the highest quality services to save these industries that should have died long ago. The life of a loser will bloom with silver wings, incredibly full, incredibly sexy.

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