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In the Chinese community, when a meal is arranged, things will fall into place.

Chinese food culture has a long history, and nowadays, dinner parties have gone far beyond the meaning of just having a meal. Dinner parties have become an important part of business and socializing. Generally speaking, a successful dinner party includes being a good host, selecting the right guests, choosing the right topics, and adding a little red wine. If a dinner party is well-managed, one's network will grow bigger and bigger. Being a good host usually requires careful preparation in advance, including preparing topics for the dinner party, making a guest list, understanding the habits and preferences of the guests, and selecting a suitable restaurant. Some hosts even visit the restaurant in advance to inspect the environment and taste the food. Finding the right guests is very important. A good host should have the ability to read the atmosphere. For example, if people have different political stances, it's best not to put them together. On the other hand, if their stances are the same, the conversation will be very pleasant. If the guests don't know each other, arrangements should be made for a mutual friend to sit in the middle so that the guests don't feel left out. If there are no mutual friends, an outgoing friend should be seated nearby. Each person's state should be set well so that everyone can quickly get into the dinner party. Chinese people are social and it's easier to communicate when drinking. Some things are not clear when sober, but can be said when slightly tipsy. Therefore, good wine is indispensable at a dinner party. However, even the best wine is not enjoyable if the topics are not good. Generally, it is necessary to find topics that interest the guests. Simple food and good topics will make the whole room fragrant. For example, when Wang Boxin, the chairman of East Asia Securities, was 35 years old, he started hosting financial friend gatherings when he served as the assistant vice president of a Spanish bank. He has been hosting dinners every year since then, paying for them out of his own pocket, without interruption. The fixed members are about 40 people, and each gathering has about 20 participants. Currently, there are accumulated more than 300 friends at the level of deputy general managers or above in financial institutions. He hosts about 200 dinners each year, averaging about four per week. He also hosts about thirty to forty dinners as the host himself, spending tens of thousands of yuan each year. Wang Boxin's dinners are divided into the financial industry, investment industry, industrial industry, and hometown categories. After each dinner, he prepares a contact list for the participants and asks his secretary to send it to each participant and their secretary the next day, so that the network can continue to grow automatically. Two and a half years ago, Wang Boxin took over as the chairman of East Asia Securities. East Asia focuses on wealth management business. After the opening, friends asked if he needed assistance, and they all entrusted large amounts of assets to East Asia for management. In the past two and a half years, the monthly fee income has grown from 3 million yuan to over 10 million yuan, nearly tripling. On his desk, there are ten thousand business cards and thick dinner party files, which are his most precious assets. This is the workplace competitiveness he has accumulated while climbing up from a low position.

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