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Summary of 2023

Long time no write a journal, let's summarize 2023 as a memory of the past. As I grow older, I tend to forget some things. While I still remember, I'll write them down here so that I can remember when I want to look back.

  1. Investment returns: This year's A-shares lost about -5%, while other cryptocurrency investments increased. Combined with the returns from B-shares, the overall capital gained about 5.88%.

    2013: 2.4%
    2014: 23.0%
    2015: -2.5%
    2016: -29.2%
    2017: -16.8%
    2018: -23.8%
    2019: -5.9%
    2020: 8.5%
    2021: 20.5%
    2022: -14.6%
    2023: 5.9%

Invested for about 10 years, my direct investment experience is still insufficient. I hope to read more books this year to improve my investment return rate.

  1. There is a community library next to my house, so I can borrow books from there. This year, I read the following books:

    • "Longevity"
    • "Python PyTorch" and so on.
  2. My daughter is in the third year of junior high school, and she will have the high school entrance exam in half a year. I hope to focus my time and energy on her exam, do more practice questions, teach and motivate her, and help her get into a better high school.

  3. Life is ordinary. My wife's hometown has bought a house and it has been delivered. We can go and live there after retirement. My old house in my hometown has been demolished. Every year when I go back, my brother and I will go there to take a look. Last year, I even brought a drone and took some videos, but I have been lazy and haven't edited them yet.

  4. The only digital product I bought is a DJI drone, Air 2s. It can be considered as a gift to myself. As I reach middle age, I don't have many things to tinker with. I also have three fish tanks: a Xiaomi fish tank, a round glass tank where I have been raising goldfish for a long time, and an acrylic tank bought from PDD. The last acrylic tank is placed in the office and I have 8 fish, 4 shrimps, and several golden snails, as well as several aquatic plants, especially the money plant, which grows very fast.

Looking forward to this year, I will persist in doing the following things:

  1. Exercise regularly, play badminton twice a week and table tennis once a week.
  2. Learn and read books to increase knowledge.
  3. Strive for an investment return of about 8% to outperform inflation.
  4. Travel abroad with the family once and go on several domestic self-driving trips.
  5. Start doing some side businesses. Last year, I was always hindered by my own inertia and didn't persist. This year, I must persevere and make use of my own domain names.
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