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The adorable little kitten has finally been found.

The kitten is too naughty. I don't know if it fell from the eighth floor or sneaked out of the door. It has been missing for 3 days. Every day, we search in our neighborhood and the neighboring neighborhood, but still couldn't find it. Just when we were about to give up, the kind person who gave us the kitten also gave us a special cage for catching cats. After we installed it and placed it in a corner of the neighborhood, when we came back and entered the entrance of the neighborhood, we heard the kitten's cry. At first, I thought I misheard it and ran outside to look around, but still couldn't find it. Then I heard it again, and this time I felt it should be in the basement. Sure enough, I saw the poor little kitten in the basement. I quickly ran back home and gave it a bath.

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